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When a patient begins rehab, one of the first questions I hear as a physical therapist is "how long is this going to take to get better?". After 23 years of practice,it has become evident that there are many variables involved. Below are 5 of the top factors that determine the speed of healing and the progress of rehab after injury or surgery. 1. EVERYONE RESPONDS TO PHYISICAL THERAPY DIFFERENTLY Physical therapy is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Some patients respond very w...
Posted on 2017-11-20
We have all heard that drinking water is very important. During the winter months with the colder weather, we tend to not drink enough and can quickly become dehydrated. Over half of all Americans are chronically dehyrated and most of us even mistake our bodies need for thirst as hunger. Daily lack of water can cause a negative affect on the body in several different ways: Mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism as much as 3 of sufferers. Only a 2, breast cancer by 79 less ...
Posted on 2017-11-13
The human shoulder can do incredible things.It allows us to perform any and every overhead activity. It is the foundation of the upper limb that allows our hands to perform highly skilled activities such as paint, play a musical instrument, or accurately throw a ball.In this article, I would like to point out some characteristics that make the shoulder joint truly unique.      The shoulder joint is the most proximal or closest joint that connects the entire upper limb to the trun...
Posted on 2017-11-07
When you become a physical therapy patient, especially if your injury involves the lower limb, you will most likely hear the term PROPRIOCEPTION.In a nutshell, proprioception is your sense of position throughout your body.But, before we explore this exceptional phenomenon further, let me explain to you the "Nervous System 101": Your nervous system works similar to a phone system, but instead of people being at each end of the phone, there are receptors or "messengers" at each end communicating ...
Posted on 2017-10-30
Friends, family, and patients all ask me what to use on their aching back. What to use on their sprained knee. What to use after surgery and for how long, and how many times per day. In this article, I hope to shed a little light on these questions.   The first thing we all need to understand is what heat and ice do to your body. Heat causes your blood vessels to dilate (get bigger) and cold packs cause your vessels to constrict(become narrower).Both heat and cold will relieve pain. This ...
Posted on 2017-10-23
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